Dennis Ellison

As a director with ENERGYminute, Dennis Ellison oversees the financial integrity of the organization and ensures that the governance adheres to high standards and are in line with CRA’s. He immediately recognized ENERGYminute’s value when they launched and officially joined the team in 2018 to help grow their education content around Canada’s important, complex, and sensitive energy & environmental issues.

In his professional life he is a Geophysicist with a software company and aids clients to reduce costs and leverage their data with next generation technology. He holds a Master’s degree in Geology and Geophysics from the University of Calgary. Awards he has received include: Medal of Merit from Scouts Canada, Best Student Oral Presentation – Honourable Mention from GeoConvention, and Outstanding Volunteer from the CSEG.

Spencer Hey

After nearly a decade in the energy industry, Spencer has developed an immense appreciation for the energy systems we depend on today, and a passion for understanding how they are evolving to meet our needs in the future. As a Commercial Advisor in Suncor’s low carbon fuels business, Spencer spends his days leading the development and deployment of cutting-edge energy transition technologies.

A father of two young boys, Spencer enjoys bringing a near-limitless library of dad jokes and puns to his writing at ENERGYminute.

Cody Good

Cody is a Geophysicist-in-Training, energy enthusiast, and resident Gen-Zer of the EM family. When he’s not busy reading wiggles to understand the mysteries of the Earth, he’s working to mesh the emerging slang and trends of the youths from TikTok with the intricacies of energy geopolitics.

As a writer and science communicator, Cody is passionate about sharing articles on the latest developments in energy, technology, and the environment which educate and entertain our readers… or at least that’s what ChatGBT told him to write.

Aaron Foyer

Aaron the President and Co-founder of ENERGYminute and an energy transition researcher with the ARC Energy Research Institute. By background, he is a rock nerd and management consultant with experience across the energy landscape, including oil and gas, renewables, clean tech, carbon capture, hydrogen, mining, and more.

Aaron is passionate about the energy space and how it affects the day-to-day living of everybody and the way it has completely transformed humanity.