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ENERGYminute makes the complex subject of energy literacy fun and easy. This is important stuff!

Peter Tertzakian, Energy Economist, Bestselling Author, Founder of ARC Energy Research Institute
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I love the ENERGYminute newsletter for its easily digestible and unbiased news that helps me keep up with industry trends and innovations.

Katie Smith-Parent, Executive Director, Young Women in Energy
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ENERGYminute is my go-to energy and climate information source. Awesome infographics, punchy stories, interesting and diverse content delivered in a witty style by a highly talented team.

Graeme Edge, Founder and CEO, Energy Disruptors
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I recommend ENERGYminute to anyone looking to stay informed on energy, the environment and technology – this is one newsletter you won’t regret signing up for.

Lauren Rooney, Sustainability & Business Transformation Leader, Accenture
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As Mr. Einstein once said, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” ENERGYminute does just that – boils down complex ideas and issues into and interesting and easy to understand resource.

Katie Kachur, Vice President Government Relations, West at Canadian Propane Association
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ENERGYminute is the first thing I read in the morning.

Abhijoy Paul, Consultant, BCG
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ENERGYminute knows how to balance the facts with fun, all of it packed in awesome looking infographics.

Francis Morin, Carbon Sequestration Advisor, McDaniel
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My favourite minute of the day is ENERGYminute.

Kathryn Langley, Project Engineer, Pembina
chart of the week

The Rapid Growth of Renewables

Over the past five years, global renewable energy growth has been accelerated by significant technological advancements and declining costs, especially in solar and wind energy sectors.

The growth of renewable energy globally over the past five years has been remarkable, driven by several key factors include decreased technology costs, policy, global agreements and commitments, and increased investment from the private sector.

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