Party in the U.A.E.

Jamie Wilkie

Attendees to the Conference of the Parties (COP)
thousands of attendees

Attendees to the Conference of the Parties (COP)
Source: Carbon Brief. All events prior to COP 28 based on final list; COP 28 based on provisional list

“I hopped off the plane in DXB, with a dream and my cardigan NDC ambition.”

This week, representatives from 197 countries (and one European Union) will descend on Dubai to talk about climate, and its shaping up to be one heck of a party in the U.A.E.

Background: Each year, Carbon Brief tracks attendees to the annual Conference of the Parties to discuss climate action. With the event happening in December, and the weather in Dubai being a balmy 25-30 degrees Celsius, it’s not surprising that attendance is high. But this climate conference is shaping up to be one for the record books, with more than 100,000 people registered to attend.

  • This is 30,000 more than anticipated just a few weeks ago.

Hey big senders

The countries that plan to send the most attendees this year include the UAE (not unusual, as host), Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Japan.

Zoom out: Regardless of how many follow through on their RSVP, that will be a lot of traffic into Dubai. It’s unlikely the guests will fly in using sustainable aviation fuel, so here’s hoping there are achievable, meaningful agreements to be had.

If not, we got our hands up, they’re playing our song, we know we’re gonna be OK…

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