Renewable Natural Gas Sketched

Aaron Foyer
Intro to renewable natural gas

Governments are increasingly looking at the geopolitics of the energy transition, as the production of key minerals and metals are more concentrated in a few countries than conventional energy sources.


Lithium is a key metal used in batteries and other energy storage devices.

Rare-earth Elements

Rare-earth elements (REEs) are used in high-end technologies, like electric vehicles and energy management systems.


Cobalt in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is the single greatest concentration of key energy mineral on earth. As a key material used for EV batteries, companies are working to both diversify supply and gain access to the DRC.


Nickel is typically used as an alloy element for materials like steel. With the machines used to harvest renewable energies, the demand for steel and nickel is expected to grow.


Coal is still the dominant source for power in Asia, but is expected to decline to meet net-zero goals.


Copper’s main use is for conductivity in electrical wires and cables. As the world electrifies, copper will be needed to build out more power transmission.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is mainly used for heat and power but is also a key feedstock mineral for fertilizers in agriculture.

Crude Oil

The main use of oil is for gasoline, diesel, and other transportation fuels. As its demand decreased with the electrification of transportation, there will be a remaining demand for its use in non-combustible materials like plastics, asphalt, medicines and more.