The 10 Celebrities with the Largest Carbon Footprint from Flying

Aaron Foyer
Top celebrity aviation emissions

Disclaimer from Yard: This list is not conclusive to the biggest offenders, but the biggest offenders according to the data as presented on the CelebrityJets Twitter page. It is also aware this data is based on these celebrities’ planes and whilst there is no way to determine if these celebrities were on all the recorded flights the purpose of the study was to highlight the damaging impact of private jet usage.

Celebrities are receiving more criticism for their jet-set lifestyles in a time when jet emissions are being scrutinized. Yard Group scrapped the data from @CelebJets which tracks the flights of the private jets of
celebrities to estimate the private jet emissions of the rich and famous.

While a single person makes almost no impact to carbon emissions, most aviation emissions come from only a small amount of population. According to Business Traveler, 12% of people in the United States take
66% of all flights.