The Minerals Market: Global Metals and Their Producers

Aaron Foyer

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The Minerals Market

The global minerals market value dropped below a trillion dollars in 2020, the lowest it has been since 2009.

Top 40 Mining Companies

The top 40 mining companies have remained fairly resilient, with Canada having 6 miners in the group.

Revenues of the top 40 mining companies were up 4%, totaling US$ 692 billion but profits were down 11% to US$ 89 billion.

Revenue gains were largely due to rising commodity prices, iron ore peaking at US$ 130 a tonne.

Mining Deals

Global mining deals dropped slightly in 2020, with gold deals still making up more than 30% of global mining deals.

COVID-19 has the global minerals market faces uncertain times but the top mining companies will continue to respond to changing markets, repositioning their asset base and business strategies as demand requires.