Visualized: Oil Versus Democracy

Aaron Foyer
oil production by country by democracy types

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) releases an annual study of the state of democracies around the world. Each country receives an individual score and gets classified as either a full democracy, flawed democracy, hybrid regime, or authoritarian regime.

Oil production from different political regimes

CountryDaily Production
Democratic ScoreDemocratic Ranking
Canada          5,538,539                             9.24Full Democracy
Norway          2,030,848                             9.81Full Democracy
United Kingdom              935,746                             8.54Full Democracy
Australia              461,132                             8.96Full Democracy
Germany              188,387                             8.67Full Democracy
South Korea              108,152                             8.01Full Democracy
Japan              103,573                             8.13Full Democracy
United States        18,876,774                             7.92Flawed Democracy
Brazil          3,689,417                             6.92Flawed Democracy
Mexico          1,923,657                             6.07Flawed Democracy
India              891,095                             6.61Flawed Democracy
Indonesia              858,065                             6.30Flawed Democracy
Colombia              764,186                             7.04Flawed Democracy
Argentina              702,330                             6.95Flawed Democracy
Malaysia              610,948                             7.19Flawed Democracy
Ecuador              475,641                             6.13Flawed Democracy
Thailand              460,598                             6.04Flawed Democracy
Ghana              186,359                             6.50Flawed Democracy
Nigeria          1,650,393                             4.10Hybrid Regime
Pakistan                99,539                             4.31Hybrid Regime
Turkey                84,398                             4.48Hybrid Regime
Saudi Arabia        10,835,341                             2.08Authoritarian Regime
Russia        10,776,718                             3.31Authoritarian Regime
China          4,992,695                             2.27Authoritarian Regime
Iraq          4,149,022                             3.62Authoritarian Regime
United Arab Emirates          3,785,884                             2.70Authoritarian Regime
Iran          3,457,532                             2.20Authoritarian Regime
Kuwait          2,716,896                             3.80Authoritarian Regime
Kazakhstan          1,867,437                             3.14Authoritarian Regime
Qatar          1,822,418                             3.24Authoritarian Regime
Algeria          1,415,979                             3.77Authoritarian Regime
Libya          1,251,737                             1.95Authoritarian Regime
Angola          1,196,687                             3.66Authoritarian Regime
Oman              980,205                             3.00Authoritarian Regime
Azerbaijan              716,735                             2.68Authoritarian Regime
Egypt              659,822                             2.93Authoritarian Regime
Venezuela              613,924                             2.76Authoritarian Regime
Turkmenistan              238,371                             1.72Authoritarian Regime
Vietnam              206,047                             2.94Authoritarian Regime
Bahrain              188,545                             2.49Authoritarian Regime
Gabon              174,715                             3.54Authoritarian Regime
Equatorial Guinea              142,562                             1.92Authoritarian Regime

Just 10% of global oil production comes from full democracies, with Canada being the largest producer of the group.

The United States ranks surprisingly amongst flawed democracies due to a low-functioning government and low political culture.

More than half of the world’s oil production comes from authoritarian regimes with Saudi Arabian, Russia and China being the largest producers.

The recent energy crisis sparked by the Ukraine war highlight the geopolitical importance of sourcing energy from friendly nations. Democratic and human rights are included in the social and governance factors of ESG.