Offshore Wind Blows into Canada

Cody Good
Nick Cage wind GIF
Courtesy of Tenor

Nova East Wind, a joint venture between DP Energy and SBM Offshore, recently announced it will be developing Canada’s first offshore wind farm off the coast of Nova Scotia.

The deets: The full scope of the project has yet to be finalized but here is what is expected:

  • Up to 25 floating turbines
  • 20 to 30 kilometers offshore from the town of Goldboro
  • Generating capacity of 300 to 400 megawatts
  • A price tag between $1 and 1.5 billion

If completed, the Nova East Wind would add another 8 percent of new capacity onto Nova Scotia’s existing 3 gigawatts available.

  • Unlike its northern Maritime neighbours, Newfoundland and Labrador, whose announced wind project will export green hydrogen, this project aims to offset domestic coal generation.

Offshore wind in Canada: For all its abundant coastlines, Canada has shown up fashionably late to the offshore party as the regulations to permit such projects have yet to be finalized.

  • How compensation for the fishing industry operating in the areas chosen for wind development is currently unknown. And unlike offshore oil and gas, offshore wind has not been designated as a key industrial activity and so can be permitted in Marine Protection Areas.

Zoom out: Offshore wind has the potential to blow up (intended) and add large quantities of emission-free electricity generation and processes like hydrogen production.