Sustainable Shopping Simplified With App

Olivia Petrus
sustainable shopping app
Courtesy of Commons

Did you know a t-shirt can be just as carbon intensive as a hamburger, or that buying makeup can be on par with driving? A new app is starting to make waves helping customers take sustainability into their own hands.

Background: Born as Joro in 2019 but reborn like a phoenix in March, Commons app is all about making spending green in every sense of the word.

  • The app calculates the emissions from every purchase to serve up a carbon report as personalized as your Venti oat milk extra pump extra hot foam-on-top vanilla latte.

The goal of the app is to bring carbon consciousness to the forefront with the hopes carbon awareness becomes as commonplace as knowing an item’s price tag.

Developing a carbon intuition: The company has created a tool for effortless eco-friendly spending, offering tailored suggestions to cut back on purchases and switch to environmentally conscious brands.

  • According to Sustainability Brands, the average app’s user reduced their emissions by 20 percent while pocketing an extra $200 each month.

Zoom out: Consumer spending influences 65 percent of global emissions, with individual decisions having real impacts. By identifying higher emissions purchases, it allows consumers to take individual action to help reduce global emissions.