US Republicans Fight… For Your Right… To Emit NOx

Jamie Wilkie
Fight for your right
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No, not the kid on your block with a fauxhawk that thinks it’s ok to “wash your car” with dirty snow – that’s Knox. NOx (nitrous oxides) are a collection of smog-forming gasses created when fuel is burned at very high temperatures, like in a diesel engine.  

Background: Back in December, the Biden administration finalized rules to impose limitations on transport truck NOx emissions that are 80 percent stricter than current rules. The goal is to improve urban air quality and reduce premature death and sickness.

  • However, like Knox’s parents, US republicans aren’t happy about being told what they should or shouldn’t do with respect to NOx.

What’s happening: Republicans are gearing up to fight implementation of the regulations. They argue the rules will be difficult to enforce and will encourage drivers to run older, less efficient vehicles longer, defeating the purpose.

  • There are also concerns that the rules will increase the cost of new trucks – pushing already high new truck prices even further out of the reach of independent truckers.

Zoom out: It’s tough to argue against policy that improves air quality, but like all technologies this one comes with a very real cost. With a split congress, the rules are likely to stand – unlike Knox’s tyranny.