US Tries Electric Emission Regulations One More Time

Jamie Wilkie
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Courtesy of knowyourmeme

Joe Biden’s administration is trying to clean up power emission rules, even after the Supreme Court struck down Obama-era regulations for overstepping their constitutional authority.

Background: On Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled new regulations that try to tackle the problem from a different angle. This time, the rules will impose a matrix of standards on individual coal and gas plants (both existing and proposed plants).

  • The plan would require coal facilities that are slated to operate beyond 2039 to have the equivalent of 90 percent carbon capture processing by 2035.

Manchin’s malcontent: Senator Joe Manchin from the coal-heavy state of West Virginia has announced that he will oppose all nominees for the EPA in protest against a plan that he believes will gut America’s baseload power generation.

  • With a narrowly-split Senate and strong opposition from Republicans, this could lead to trouble for future Biden policies.

Senator Manchin made his feelings known speaking to an audience in Iowa on Wednesday. The speech added increased speculation that the senator is considering a presidential run as a third-party candidate.

Zoom out: It’s likely too early to celebrate and dance so free – no one knows if this new approach to regulating electricity emissions will hold up to the inevitable court challenges.