Top 10 Tech and Innovation Trends for the Energy Industry

Michelle Heath
Top 10 Tech and Innovation Trends for the Energy Industry

StartUs Insight is an innovation intelligence company, headquartered in Vienna with 500+ corporate partners. It recently surveyed nearly 3,000 energy startups to better understand trends in the energy space for technology and innovation.

Top Energy Trends & Innovations in 2021

Renewables (37%) – Use of renewable energy (like solar, wind, bioenergy, hydro, geothermal) to produce electricity or fuels with fewer emissions.

Internet of Energy (IoE) (20%) – Smart grid which improves coordination and optimization in the macro-energy system

Blockchain (8%) – This technology unites all energy stakeholders under a single decentralized network; all transactions pass through a secure and immutable network, eliminating potential losses

Energy Storage (8%) – Enables stable pricing by managing demand from consumers. Helps in reducing the grid loads during peak times

Energy-as-a Service (EaaS) (8%) – Allows for the transitions from selling electricity to selling services; revolves around distributed energy resources that are monitored by a combination of AI and IoT

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) (6%) – Enable the generation of electricity or heat at the place of its consumption; implies the presence of many consumers who produce energy for their own needs, directing any surplus to a common network; eliminates the cost of energy transmission

Demand Side Management (DSM) (5%) – Refers to rationzlization of demand (combining demand management and energy efficiency) to ensure compliance with the capabiities of a power system

Quantum Computing (QC) (3%) – Focuses on developing new energy solutions, improving energy efficiency, and reducing the use of greenhouse gases

Vehicles-to-Grid (V2G) (3%) – A system in which EVs sell energy in response to demand by either returning electricity to the grid or cutting their charge rate (refuelling during weak demand periods); aid in reducing power outages

Power-to-X (PtX) (2%) – Technologies for electricity conversion, energy storage, and reconversion pathways; startups and emerging PtX technologies convert energy and carbon dioxide into new products and materials

Decarbonization and the transition towards increased use of low-carbon renewables, decentralization of electricity distribution, and digitization are issues being addressed by new global start-ups.


AI – artificial intelligence

MW – megawatt; 1 million watts

IoT – internet of things; network of people and devices which collect and share data